Friday, August 21, 2009


It's been way too long sense I last updated the blog, but it has been an absolute nut house at my place! So lets just get out of the way old news, but still news, first.

June 25th,

Hailey was admitted to the Burn Center in Phoenix. The iron fell right on her little hand and burnt through several layers of skin. She endured a month hospital stay, which included ivs, hospital food, uncomfortable nights (mostly for mommy), pain medicine, dressing changes for the wound, and three surgeries. She was a trooper through the whole thing. She came out with a skin graft on her hand, the skin was taken from her bum. So if you can imagine the pain this little one had to go through. To this day, she has regular check ups at the hospital to make sure everything is healing correctly, and she has to wear a special glove on her hand to help flatten the graft. She is doing wonderful and is healing very nicely. There is a little scaring which she will be able to have removed later in life. Other than this whole ordeal she is advancing physically and mentally like crazy. She talks so much and can be very demanding at times. She comes up and says mommy, until she gets my attention and then ask for whatever it is she wants for the moment. She at least will say please, lol which is pretty cute.

Kirt is starting preschool in a week and let me tell you I couldn't be more excited, not only because I get a break, but I'm positive this will help him progress in his speech.

Jon has been promoted at work, which is great, but with that comes more responsibilites. I feel like I hardly see him, but I know he is working hard to support our family.

As for myself, I am 26 weeks along and feeling it. I've got the nice basketball under my shirt going at the moment and will still have to endure three more months of growth. Besides getting ready for the baby I have been working on fixing up our house. We have been there since May and let me tell you owning your own home is such a task. I am greatful that we have the place and think it will be quite awesome once I get all my home renovations done. It is however, far from friends and family. We are making it work though, and appreciate thoughs who have come to visit. :) Anyways, I always am looking for projects to do and found myself with a spare room. I would like to start offering a beginners sewing/ quilting classes, and then start selling quilts or other requested items. If anyone is interested I'm hoping to start in september. I'm waiting on getting the room finished. Its going to be 35 for 3 classes, which will last an hour.

So basically that is whats going on with our fam. Hope you all are well.