Friday, April 10, 2009


So my good fortune in feeling pretty good has now took a turn for all the usual exciting symptoms associated with pregnancy! On top of that I had to take Kirt to the ER last night, because I could not for the life of me get his fever of 102.6 (taken axillary temp-meaning armpit) Poor thing he was so miserable and listless the other day. So I called his doctor and asked if I should take him to urgent care or what else I could try to bring it down.... Well when he finally called me back (9:30) He said he may have strep and I'm like oh great, so instead of checking him out more closely my self and being worried about his raging fever, I took him in. After getting there I realized that I was in for a long night...and Kirt was starting to act a little more normal, and his fever had gone down a bit. I wanted to just check him out then, but of course you have to jump through all the hoops to be positive it's nothing serious. So I waited tell midnight to finally get into a room and have a swab taken. By this time I feeling really nauseated, like I could blow at any second. So I sat there by the trash, while my stomach sloshed around. I waited and waited for relief. Nothing... then about 10- 15 min later, BLE. I threw up a bunch of bile that burned my nose and throat, my tummy had been empty for the past few hours. There was nothing in it. (sorry if that is a bit much for some of you) After I washed up I felt considerably better.

When the swab came back negative they wanted to do a chest X-ray, (and he didn't like that because I couldn't be right by him to comfort him), and a urine test. By 2:00 his fever piqued again so they gave him Motrin, and decided to move forward with the urine sample since the other test came back negative. I hate urine samples. I tried so hard to get Kirt to pee in the cup, but he was just so tired and just wanted to sleep. So instead of waiting for him to pee they catheterized him. He had this done once before when he had the stomach flu and it was hard to watch then, but this go around was worse, because he was yelling owie and please no! It was so sad.

It was about 3:00 and I was so tired and feeling nauseated again and I seriously did not want to throw up more. So I walked around and drank some sprite. I asked how long the results would be and got the answer 15-20 min..... well 5:00 roles around and I'm sitting there shivering waiting for someone to just come check me because by this Point, (no even before then I knew that he would be ok and it was just some viral infection that probably only last 24 hours). So Finally some one comes and basically says just that and we are free to go. I ran Kirt out to the car as fast as I could and hurried home.

Kirt is definitely better today, and I realize that being a mom comes with worry and haste. Kirt would have been just fine if I would have just waited it out at home and kept giving him Tylenol and Motrin. I would have been a lot more comfortable too. I was just worried because I've never had him have a fever that I couldn't get down, and he was scaring me with his behavior. Rest assured he is ok and well and I am just a little on the tired side and nauseated, but all is well our new house will be closing in 3 weeks and You all will have to come visit. I'm so excited. It is going to take some work, but I think in the end it will be worth more once I'm done with it :). It was a good investment.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Round 3

Ok, this may come as a shock to some of you, but the Sessions family is going to increase this year by one more. Thats right, we are expecting! I know totally crazy and unexpected, but we are happy none the less. Hopefully we will be in our new house soon, and then I can start getting more organized. It has been nuts over here! Last week was a big week, because we found out that there is a high possibility we will have to be out of here by this weekend and secondly we found out about the baby. So I will be busy packing and cleaning all week and this weekend. As for the pregnancy, I haven't been feeling too sick yet, but who knows how long that will last. So if anyone wants to help us out, that would be fantastic. :) Happy Easter to all.