Wednesday, November 10, 2010

keeps on coming....

Shop vac: $40

XBOX 360 with one controller: BO

(Sorry the picture is flipped around, but you get the idea)

Large sectional couch, needs some work, it would really good reupholstered, we bought it for $1200, but are asking $100

Computer chair: $15
Graco stroller: $30

Bose speakers: BO


Heavy duty tool storgage, We have about five of them, asking $50 each.

Two dollies: $15 each

Car seat: $10

Pictures and prices

Ok here is what I have so far, and there is probably more to come. The price I list is negotiable, so if you see something you like and don't like the price, tell me what you would like to pay for it.

This is an older dresser. It has a few scuffs on it, but it would look really niced if you wanted to refinish it, and add new hardware. Asking $75

We have several tables and folding chairs, they can bought individually, or together.
Chairs (set of 5 or six I believe): $25
Table: $ 15
Together, $35
We have three ladders, I'm not sure how long they are, but the two long ones are $30 each, and the shorter one is $20