Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas with the Sessions Family

It was a great Christmas and a busy one as usual. The week before Christmas my mom came down and spent the weekend with us. The kids absolutely love my mom! They had so much fun spending time with their nanna, and I definately enjoyed the break. On Christmas Eve we went over to Jon's parents house. We ate a nice dinner and let the kids wear themselves out. Then we opened gifts from eachother. Time passed by and we finally left at around 9:30. It was a wonderful evening together. On Christmas morning Jon had everything set up and we let Kirt and Hailey have at it. They were so excited and so much fun playing with all their new toys. I got Jon an Itunes card and set up his router for Christmas. I wanted to get him a gym membership, but we need to wait tell we know what his schedule will be for sure with work next year. He got me a bunch of movies and Wii fit.

At about 11:00 we headed over to my dads and had an awesome lunch and then opened presents yet agian. I don't think the kids will be needing toys for a long time, they got so spoiled this year by family. We left at around 3ish and were so tired when we got home.

Overall it was a wonderful Holiday!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gift for mom

I decided to make a Quilt this year for my mom for Christmas. I made it out some jeans she gave and a pair of mine. This was my first attempt at a jean quilt and I probably wont make another until I get a serger. It came together real nice I wanted to add a bit more but time wasn't on my side, but my mom was happy so I am too.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Goofy time

Yesterday Hailey and Kirt decided to get their hyper on. They started spinning around until they ran into the wall or fell down. They laughed and ran around for about thirty min. It was very entertaining. Jon and I just watched them and laughed. Hailey put on her sunglasses she got for her birthday and she looked so funny. If you look closely at Kirt you'll find a big goose egg on his Head. On Friday we had my dad and Janet over to visit for a bit. Well Jaren had his circumcision that day so I had to cut and run. Kirt and Hailey decided they wanted to play in the back of my dads truck for a bit before they took off. Well I was almost to the doctor when I get a call from Jon that Kirt had opened the tailgate and fell out of the back of the truck! So now I'm freaking out, and felt like turning around to get home. I had Jon explain every little detail of what happened to be sure I wasn't going to have to rush back to get him to the ER. Then I called my dad to double check. They reassured me that he would be fine. So I left it at that and went to the appointment.
I was able to stay and watch the procedure. I remember them just taking Kirt back and wasn't allowed to be back there with him. Which was probably a good thing, being a first time mom and all, I probably would have cried the whole time. The surgery was quick and pretty simple. I know if Jon was there watching he would of passed out before any cutting started. He gets sick from just the smell of the betadine. Anyways of course Jaren had a hard time with it, but overall did well they kept a passie in his mouth.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


We went to Pinetop this Thanksgiving and burrr it was cold. We got to go in the jacuzzi, which was so relaxing; watching the stars while sitting in warm bubbles. It was fun to spend time with the family and overall it was a nice Thanksgiving. Jon, Karie, and I all got sick. lol go figure, but other than that the kids had a blast. On Thanksgiving morning Mom, Harmonie and I went in the jacuzzi and I asked Jon if he would watch the kids, and he kinda just say yeah uh huh, and I knew he wouldn't be keeping a close eye on them. (he was into his game) Ok thinking to myself better make this a quick dip. Well it wasnt quick enough. Kirt and Hailey made thier way outside ...Kirt comes over and tries to get in the jacuzzi. We explain that its hot and that he needs to go inside. Well he runs inside and I'm thinking we didnt see the last of him. Sure enough a min later he runs out in his birthday suitye and jumps in, lol that was the end of the relax time.