Sunday, August 14, 2011

Brylee Katie Marie Sessions

Ok ok, I know Brylee is already just over two weeks old, and most of you have heard the story I'm about to tell, but I'm going to tell it again anyways. :)

Friday July 28th 2011, I went in for my weekly doctors visit feeling uncomfortable, and grumpy. (the previous week I had my membranes stripped, and all it did was make me crampy). Up to this point I had been dialeted to 2cm for the past couple of weeks. I expressed my frustration and worry to my OB about the timing of when she would come. We were suppose to be moving, and Kirt was starting school. Now I know it's best to let them stay in there tell they are ready, but I honestly felt there more pros than cons of her coming sooner. Plus I was almost 40 weeks anyways (or so I thought at this moment in time). My doctor then checks to see where I'm at, and I'm thinking to myself don't say 2 don't say 2. It turns out I was 3 almost 4 and well effaced. Than what she said next I was not expecting....."would you like me to call and see if they can induce you today?" Of course I would ha ha. So I got scheduled to come in around 2 to help this labor get underway. I probably would have went into labor the following week anyways, because during my visit she stripped my membranes again, and I started getting contractions.

So we get to the hospital a few min after 2 and get into a room. I get into the super model gown, and the ever popular IV in my arm, and wait for them to deliberate my induction method. They decided to induce me using a gel called Kramer oddly enough, which stimulates the release of oxytocin to help get the contractions going. I have never had this method before and wasn't sure what to expect, nor have I been induced before getting and epidural. Well they give me the gel and not 10 min later Im in tears. The gel not only worked, it worked a little too well. It took my labor from 0 to 60 in a matter of min. I couldn't move I was in so much pain, the contractions were rolling on top of each other with no relief. I sat there in pain, and finally I couldn't take anymore and had Karie go get them. They immediately gave a steroid shot to slow the contractions down, and once I could sit up I was prepped for the epidual. Now with previous exp. one anesthesiologist comes to give you the big shot in the back. Well this time there were two. I'm thinking to myself great he is probably training. Well I should have just listened to my self and asked for the other guy to do it, but nope I kept quite, and let him attempt to give me the epidural. Now I used to believe that getting the epidural was the most painful part of the whole delivery, now I stand corrected. It seemed like he poked around for ten min (it seemed like). Karie told me later she watched in horror as I was stuck multiple times. At any rate he couldn't find the subdural space which is where you are suppose to poke. He poked outside of it a couple times tearing into my spinal cord. Then the other guy comes over and poke me right in one try. UG! All during this my contractions have slowed but were still coming consistently ever few min.

Ok, so the epidural quickly takes affect, and I'm feeling a bit better, and them I told to expect a headache after the epidural wears off. Great! The doctor checks me and I'm at a 4. About an hour and half had passed up to this point. She than decides to brake my water. Now it's just waiting to get to 10.....barley an hour and 30 min later I'm feeling some pressure, so I have them come and check me, and low and behold it's time to push! I literally pushed 3 times and she was out. Now I was expecting at least a 7 lb baby because I was only a couple of days away from my due date, and my babies are small in general. No... out comes this tiny precious, (long and skinny) little girl. Everyone was surprised. Brylee Katie Marie came into the world at 6:42 pm on July 28th 2011. She weighed 5 lbs 14oz and was 18 1/2 in long. In my unprofessional opinion, she was about 37 weeks gestational age. Good thing she didn't come any earlier. She was tiny (and still is) but mighty. She didn't have jaundice, not infections, and took to breastfeeding really easily.

A few hours after birth I expeirenced the worst headache of my life. Pain medication was not taking it away. You'd think you'd be sore from just giving birth but no, it was my head full of spinal fluid, ick! Hurt so bad! So they ended up giving a blood patch. Process as follows: Take 20cc of blood from the arm and put that blood in the back, right where they poke for the epidural. This is done to help form a clot where the spinal cord was damaged. Then you have to stay down flat on your back for 2 hours. I had to pee so bad by the end of that two hours. Well I'll spare you the humilating details of the next few hours, but I was released the following days and the headache ended coming back..... to make a long story short, I had to go back to the hospital and have a second blood patch.... I have never been poked so many times in my life..... and had to be down for 24 hours and this time I did it. I gradually regained my strength, and am now doing so much better!

Thank you so much to all my family and friends who prayed for us and helped us through this trying time. It sure was eventful. We are so glad baby Brylee is here, she is absolutely wonderful, and a blessing. Even though it has been fun and hectic trying to incorparate another child into the household, we are very happy. Our family is complete! :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

keeps on coming....

Shop vac: $40

XBOX 360 with one controller: BO

(Sorry the picture is flipped around, but you get the idea)

Large sectional couch, needs some work, it would really good reupholstered, we bought it for $1200, but are asking $100

Computer chair: $15
Graco stroller: $30

Bose speakers: BO


Heavy duty tool storgage, We have about five of them, asking $50 each.

Two dollies: $15 each

Car seat: $10

Pictures and prices

Ok here is what I have so far, and there is probably more to come. The price I list is negotiable, so if you see something you like and don't like the price, tell me what you would like to pay for it.

This is an older dresser. It has a few scuffs on it, but it would look really niced if you wanted to refinish it, and add new hardware. Asking $75

We have several tables and folding chairs, they can bought individually, or together.
Chairs (set of 5 or six I believe): $25
Table: $ 15
Together, $35
We have three ladders, I'm not sure how long they are, but the two long ones are $30 each, and the shorter one is $20

Friday, August 27, 2010

Kirt the photographer

There are rare occasions that I will allow Kirt to play with the camera under supervision, and there are several occasions where he will just take the camera when I'm not looking and go willy nilly. Well I just uploaded my cameras memory card and was going through them. There were alot of pictures that were just blobs and blurrs and you could tell that they had been taken form a child and then I came across a couple of pictures that turned out rather well and I had no recollection of taking them.
After looking at the last picture, I knew Kirt had to be the culprit. That is the inside of Niko's dog house! HA HA. Oh the joys of being a kid.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Family reunion

Our family reunion was a couple of weeks ago, but I'm just now getting to posting about it. June is always a busy month for us. IE Jon's Birthday, Fathers Day, our anniversary, Karie's Birthday, and then planning for Kirts upcoming birthday. Anyways, to add to the already crazy month we had our family reunion at the beginning of the month. We went to Paragunah Utah. Way out in the middle of no where. It was a nice trip though. We got away from the heat and the kids had a blast just running the muck. We spent the day mostly just visiting with family, and then we had an auction. The jean quilt I made sold for $60 and the baby jungle quilt sold for $25. We left Saturday evening. I love vacation, but I love being in my own bed even more. On our way out Jon and I started talking about the long drive home and we were literally three min. underway, Jon and I looked at eachothers and heard the great sound of silence. The kids were out! NICE! Not so nice them waking up periodically to scream. ick!

Good Trip!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Yeah I know Easter has come and gone, but I just wanted to post these fun pictures! The kids had such a blast on Easter weekend. We spent Saturday with my dad and Sunday with the Sessions. Kirt and Hailey got hunting eggs down pat!